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March 29th 2006

Strategies for the Advanced Level

March 29th 2006

Advanced Level refers to a point from where you can start winning. The basic winning strategy depends upon three factors

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Strategy for Beginners

March 27th 2006

As a beginner, you need to focus on the key objective of the game. In a nutshell, the objective is to bring all the checkers to your inner board and to finally start bearing them off.

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We are packed with tournament's every day. There are variety tournaments with jackpots up to $50,000. We offer a variety of Sit & Go or Event tournaments.

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   Sit & Go Tournaments

Play65 Sit & Go Tournaments begin when the correct amount of players, deposit money or fun bet (if fun player).

   Event Tournament

Event Tournament begins on a certain time provided on our Click this month's tournament link. This tournament option can only be played with real money.

   Swing Tournament

Swing Tournament is like poker. A group of players begin with the same amount of chips and the one to win all the chips is the winner.
As long as the player has chips that player will continue playing.
Players will continue playing randomly against each other on a ‘single' game basis.
At the beginning of every game the amount of CCP (Chips per Point) will be chosen, and will continue to increase as tournament progresses onwards.

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